Classical Conversations believes our children will succeed if they are taught the essentials of language, writing, and arithmetic.

Essentials is a complete language arts program. Surprisingly, there is not too much writing during class, but there is a lot of talking! Students compose sentences and learn the rules of writing by talking about them (what we call the dialectic model). Parents learn about English grammar and writing, too, because they attend class with their students. They watch a parent tutor model the lesson so that they can continue the lesson at home.

We want our students to be able to communicate their ideas well no matter what field they enter. Students enjoy learning English grammar and writing with their friends. We also believe drilling the basic arithmetic facts using games will prepare them to succeed in higher mathematics.

Essentials is for children ages 9 to 11. The program meet weekly for 24 weeks in the afternoons.

For more detailed information and frequently asked questions about the program, click here: Essentials